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Jenna McSwain’s roots firmly ground a vibrant and colorful modern sound on her upcoming EP Enjoy Your Space. The South Carolina-born and New Orleans-based artist has had an education in jazz that contributes to her music, which is incredibly dynamic all while retaining a natural flow. Always accompanied by her adept piano playing, Jenna McSwain’s performance is full of depth and character.

Beginning this project “Spin (Circles)” is a vibrant, upbeat tune. This track gives us a taste of the stunning variety and fully fleshed-out instrumentation. Horns, strings, guitar, percussion and more are all impressively arranged around with the core of piano and vocals. It is evident that McSwain has fully realized what she wants a track like this to be. The latter half of the song feels like a celebration of her music with all of the elements of the song coming together in harmony.

Following up is the title track “Enjoy Your Space,” a fun song that gets creative with planetary wordplay. The song remains a ray of sunshine throughout, always bright and optimistic. A cool chorus makes this song shine with a jazzy feel, and a spaced-out bridge ties everything together.

“The Spark” journeys through exciting peaks and calm collected valleys. The energy on this track is widely varied, there is always a surprise around the corner as the song changes gears from verse to chorus. Everything is tied together thematically and with the feel and character of McSwain’s performance. Nothing feels disconnected or out of place.

“Love Ballad” is self-explanatory, and the music speaks for itself. The song is a powerful anthem with a relatable message about perseverance despite the struggles of love. Everything serves the mood, grand orchestra strings and regal piano playing create a dramatic flair for a song that would be right a home closing off a movie.

Closing off the EP is “Float,” a light and airy tune that is short and sweet. There is plenty of open space on this track, but a lot of depth lies in the serene instrumentation and vocal melodies. There is nothing extra or unneeded here, just a peaceful dance between piano and vocals.

Jenna McSwain’s upcoming EP Enjoy Your Space looks to be an astronomically large release, set to put her on the map as an exciting artist. Make sure to check out the EP Enjoy Your Space when it releases on October 21st. If you enjoyed Jenna McSwain’s music, keep up with her to see what she is doing in the future.

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