Every musician out there dreams of catching the attention of someone in the music industry that can change their lives and help them reach their goals of sharing their music with the world.  The key is to pour your heart and soul into the sound and work every day to get it in front of as many people as possible.  Our latest find Jennifer Hope has the drive and may have just stumbled onto her lucky break.

Jennifer Hope

What began as training in classical music for Jennifer developed into alternative rock and ethereal sounds encompassing a sound that is all her own.  Her style of songwriting was never meant to fit into the small little mainstream box that the radio stations play.  This is a good thing and it caught the attention of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.  Jennifer Hope so impressed him that he agreed to help finance her new album and bring her dreams to reality.

Back in April Jennifer Hope released her X-Tremities EP as a snippet of what is to come.  The lead single “The Fine Line” has a smooth feel to it blended with a little electronica and Jennifer’s silky singing voice.  The song will keep your attention throughout.  Jennifer’s take on The Police classic “Every Breath You Take” adds a new spin to a very popular and often covered song.  Her powerful and sultry vocals over an almost ambient musical background creates something that is large and mesmerizing.

Keep on the lookout for more by Jennifer Hope at: http://www.jenniferhope.com/

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