Another awesome benefit to being a writer in the independent music community is the great contacts you make along the way.  It actually gives you extra sets of ears to hear and discover new music that you may have missed among the exorbitant amount of songs that flood our inbox every week.  Luckily a fellow blogging friend of ours sent us the sounds of the band Superhand to fill our office speakers this week.

The experimental band from Sweden has now settled in the hills of Wales.  Members Inga Calstrom and Leck Fischer handle keyboards, vocals , and guitars and have been lucky enough to hook up with some true studio talent to fill out the sound.  The Superhand sound itself is difficult to pinpoint.  There are element of electronica, soul, rock, and even some punk.  The music is not meant to fit in a tiny little mainstream box but instead is meant to challenge your ears as well as your mind.

The group is not afraid to add some exotic visuals to the mix as well, from crazy costumes to powerful music videos.  Enjoy the full sense assault of “Discipline Me” below:


If you are as amazed by the weirdness as I am, keep up with Superhand at:


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