Jeremy Squires

In 2001, Jeremy Squires went separate ways with his band so he could spend time with his family. Unfortunately, this soon led him to battle with some personal demons.  He soon found a healing process that involved putting this situation into words, which soon became songs. As he was writing, he found that this became a journal that documented his struggle with depression. As a result, his many releases had an honesty that was compelling due to the real emotion that flowed within his words.

With each track that Squires releases, he shares another part about his life. The honest emotion within his words are compelling. His last album Poem is no exception which he describes as “Is a collection of songs that tell a story. My personal poetry set to music that document changes in my life as well as my loved ones”.

Poem is a beautiful experience from start to finish. As Squires shares his stories, it feels like it is a one to one performance in which he bears his soul. His gentle emotive tone adds so much to his words help ensures he has the listeners full attention.

Squires starts things off with “What Could I Say?” which is a beautiful piano-focused instrumental that sets the mood for the album. Then “Somersault” begins with some frank words about his darker days. These include lines such as “Fix that anxiety with Xanax / Keeping the panic levels low / Don’t you worry about tomorrow now / When you’re never going to know”. It is this honest and fearless way with words that makes him stand out from other songwriters.

‘Poem’ is an honest and captivating journal about the life of Jeremy Squires

“Fragments” and “Orchid” continue to showcase his intimate vocal style and honest lyrics. This quality stands out further when “A Calm Around” arrives. With support from his wife Shelley Ann Squires, they deliver a beautiful and haunting performance. Both their voices gently float effortlessly to add so much emotion to match the lyrical content.

“Stargazer” is described by Squires as a “personal and straight forward song. It is me at my most vulnerable”. No lines highlight this more than “I can’t sing these songs anymore / I gave up a long time ago but I’m searching to find a better part of me”. This reflective journey continues with “Golden”. When talking about this track, he says this “is about nearing 40 and going back to the places of my youth and seeing how much everything has changed as well as dealing with loss”.

As the album continues we get a few moments when Squires guitar skills shine with tracks such as “These Nights” and “If We Stay”. “Heaven” features this talent as well as some beautiful use of strings. He has a great way of layering the instruments to create a mesmerising atmosphere as “Ascending” can testify.

Ending this outstanding collection of stories is the track “Gift”. It is another example of how this artist writes with his heart on his sleeve. He shares his tale about being lost, feeling alone at times and often haunted. Squires use of the piano (like the intro of the album) creates another beautiful moment to end this honest and captivating release.

Jeremy Squires is one of those rare artists who is truly honest when creating music. With such deep lyrics and emotive vocals, it is easy to understand why so many people connect with his work. Choose any one of his releases, press play and get ready for some captivating storytelling at its best.

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