Some people get on a roll and are able to push out quality song after quality song.  There is no need to wait anymore.  Just get your music out there on one of the multitude of outlets available on the internet and spread the sound.  Our friend Jimi Newton is back with some new music for all of us.

Jimi Newton

The American guitarist and sound engineer started the Jimi Newton Project to share the songs bouncing around in his brain.  Since vocals are not his strong point he turned to the internet and has found collaborators all over the world from such countries as Spain, Jamaica, Italy, and The Philippines.   This has pushed Jimi to release even more music.

The latest array is the album 3.0: Uptown Funk.  The music continues to push the envelope through different dance music genres creating a very personal experience to both the writer and the listener.  The record has 9 original songs with a bunch of remixed tracks thrown in to suit any mood as long as you are ready to dance.  The opener “Make A Better Place” is a fun tune with a positive vibe that oozes out of every note.  The remix will get your body moving in a hurry.  The vocal talents of Marri Nallos is from the Philippines are brought in on “Time To Turn It Around”.  The funk filled song is brought to a higher level with the strong female vocal presence.  The instrumental dance track “2015” really had me bouncing around in my chair as I was writing this.  The title track “Uptown Funk” brings just what the title says with another strong vocal performance leading the way through the down and dirty funky background.  The record even closes with “Reggae Gig” that shows The Jimi Newton Project can make you dance in any style it chooses.  Get your ass moving with a listen at:

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