Most musicians we come across really like what they do.  But it becomes obvious almost immediately when we come across an artist that truly loves making music and the hard work that goes into it.  It becomes part of the fiber of who they are.  A good example of this is our recent discovery Zane Brune.

Zane Bruce

Hailing from the lively original music vibe that is Chicago, Illinois the independent musician, art student, and bedroom producer pours everything he is into his unique sound.  Zane Brune’s style is a bluesy mix of folk rock, poetry and groovy experimental noise.   What starts as a poem gets pieced together with original sounds to become full fledged experiences of songs.  If you need a place to put Zane Brune consider a spot between legends such as Lou Reed and Tom Waits.

A couple weeks ago was the release of his latest full length album This American Life.  The 11 track record is more of an experience than a simple collection of songs.  Right from the opener “Freedom Parkway” and its spoken word introduction you know you are in for something different and truly original.  The smooth groove of “Huh?” will get our head bopping as you try to decipher the ideas that Zane is trying to insert into your brain.  The mix of sounds blends into a full wall of atmosphere.  Their is a more raw indie rock feel to “Pretty Baby” that brought to mind what The Black Keys would sound like if they didn’t have a partner to crush some of their more wild musical ideas.  The dog barking makes you forget you have your headphones on and brings you into the full Zane Brune alternate universe.  The title track “This American Life” slows it down some and allows for some empty space in the mix.  The focus here is on the poetic story that is being told.  The exotic dance song “Until Next Time” is a perfect end to a complete album full of mind altering sound.  Please give the album a listen for yourself at:

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