There are many talented musicians that have had success in the music business for many years but still search for more.  Sometimes it takes a collaboration between two successful artists that have not worked together to revitalize each of them and bring back that fire that started them on their musical journey.  That fire seems to be burning hot with A&L.

A & L

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, A&L is a new act made up of two seasoned industry professionals: Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie.  Anthony is a 20 year music veteran whose production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards while Lana is an award winning vocalist who has been a long-time force on the East Coast music scene.  They recently joined forces to bring something fresh to the scene.

The latest track by A&L is the pop rock anthem that is “Onto The Next Heart”.  The attention grabbing beat and driving guitars speed up the pace for the in your face vocal performance by Lana Marie.  The guitar solo will bring back to mind the classic rock of the 80’s LA scene.  The catchy hooks will get deep in your brain and have you singing along before the song even comes to an end.  Get a taste here:

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