Joanna Weston – Soaring Vocals Of Optimism

Joanna Weston

When you are gifted with a powerful singing voice it can become your mission to use it to make the world a better place.  Add in some supreme songwriting talent and you have a recipe to make a difference.  A great example of this is our recent discovery, Joanna Weston.

Hailing from Utrecht in The Netherlands, her music is starting to spread throughout the world. Known for her soaring hypnotic soprano vocal, which is both gutsy and fragile at times, Joanna Weston has a voice that is unmistakable.  Her goal is to touch people’s optimism with her emotion-laden storytelling style.  

The next single from Joanna Weston’s album Inside Out is the thought-provoking “What Are We Fighting For?”  The lyrics talk about humanity and the way people can be treated, even through difficult times.  In her eyes, everyone is trying to live the best possible life they can so What are we fighting for?   The high-end vocals are the highlight here as Joanna Weston belts them out in a soaring style that seems to reach deep into your heart.  The emotions are very evident.

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