John Thayer comes “Face to Face” with new EP

John Thayer

Indie Pop artist John Thayer is released his new EP, Face To Face, with complete satisfaction in the way his songs turned out. Thayer — whose younger brother is Tommy Thayer, current lead guitarist of KISS — says his songs are “crisp, melodic, and pop oriented.”

John Thayer — Part of a Musical Legacy

Thayer’s sound is much different from the rock his brother’s band is known for. Thayer has the sound and lyrical messages closer to that of Phoenix. Thayer has been in the industry for a long time, but his voice sounds like brand new talent picked up straight from college. Face To Face comes with five songs lead by Thayer’s fun, young voice — definitely felt a ’90s boyband vibe with an indie pop rock sound. It was recorded in Portland at The Commune, which is owned and operated by producer Rob Daiker. The album was mixed in Los Angeles by Grammy Award-winning producer Greg Collins.


A boy falling in love with a girl and their journey, with his heart in her hand, is the message in “Face to Face.” The use of the electronic keyboard kept the “cute” rock beat going. Fan of One Direction or Phoenix? Thayer’s music is a blend of indie rock and boyband pop without without being too in your face.

“Not Afraid” features totally different sounds which I was not expecting. It starts out with heavy rock and moves into darker sounds, while Thayer’s voice kept the indie pop vibe. The lyrics in this song continue to follow the boy with a broken heart theme, though this time the boy in question has found his own voice in the relationship and isn’t afraid of the girl who broke his heart. I received an almost Green Day vibe from this track. Does John Thayer lack consistency, or is he simply a vocal chameleon?

Just Missed the Mark

I love the lyrical messages in the songs from Face to Face. It is all about a man admitting to his faults and uncovering the faults of a woman. You can really hear the voice of someone coming face to face with a reality they didn’t want to see. Thayer is a very talented musician and his music is alive and organic, but his EP does not stand out. I agree that his sound is crisp but I think that John Thayer still hasn’t found his voice.

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