Jon Magnusson Releases Folky EP “Psalms for Sinners”

Jon Magnusson

Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist Jon Magnusson recently released his second EP, entitled Psalms for Sinners.

Consisting of four songs, Magnusson considers many different sounds and demonstrates his versatility. Each song on the album is unique and has its own individual characteristics and style, making the short EP exciting and diverse.

Psalms for Sinners opens with “Visa från Utanmyra,” Magnusson’s personal arrangement of a Swedish folk song from the early 1900s. An instrumental track, Magnusson plays the melody on the guitar. His interpretation has a jazzy flair, giving the song a groove. Though the song is rather short, it serves as an introduction to the rest of the EP and leaves you ready for more.

“Ode to a Friend” is a sad but heartfelt dedication to Magnusson’s friend who passed away. Much of the song tells the story of his friend and how it felt to lose him. Though the story is sad, there is an element of celebration of life and of friendship.

The title track is upbeat and catchy, weaving a tale of young people in love. It serves as a perfect lead-in to the similarly upbeat final song on the EP.

“Your Dreams” is positive and spirited, serving as the perfect closer to the eclectic EP.

According to Magnusson, it is a song about growth.

“‘Your Dreams’ is a song about struggle, might it be personal, relational or political. That’s up for the listener to decide.”

Jon Magnusson Embraces His Swedish Roots

All of Magnusson’s songs have some Swedish folk influence, whether it be a whole interpretation of a folk song like “Visa från Utanmyra” or in stylistic ideas throughout his other songs.

He was also heavily inspired by many Swedish musicians, along with Swedish literature and language.

“[I] never cease to be amazed on the merging of music and lyrics and how the melody of a song affects the way a great composer write his or her lyrics,” said Magnusson.

Psalms for Sinners is a great representation of Magnusson’s influences, versatility, and style. His songs are folky and catchy, bringing the listener back for more.

Check out Jon Magnusson’s website for more information about songs, gigs, and collaborative projects. Also be sure to follow him on social media!






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