Skater-turned-Singer Captures Life’s Road Trip

jordan lovelis

From skateboards to sound boards, professional skateboarder-turned-musician Jordan Lovelis has over 100 songs under his belt. Admitting that most of them are shit, there’s enough good ones for a record. In comes “I Got No One” and “Black & White,” the first singles from his upcoming debut.


Jordan Lovelis’ endless road trip


Both songs have similar elements. These jams have a definite road trip-feel, almost like the song is travelling with Lovelis. Indie guitars armed with a twang of electric cover the instrumentals, and the vocals sound some what far away, as if they’re dreaming.

“Black & White” is a reflection of growing up. From growing up in a strict conservative household and feeling alienated by that with each passing year. It’s easy to tell this song is close to the heart of Lovelis from the way the song is constructed. The lyrics are intensely exploratory and leave no stone left unturned in uncovering feelings. Quite emotional, very enjoyable to listen to.


‘I Got No One’ commands the hearts of many


Another single, “I Got No One,” is one I think tons of people can relate to. It’s literally about feeling lonely while all of your friends are off being in love. On top of that, people in your life are asking about your relationship status and you just want it to stop. For people who have been interrogated about a partner before, this one is for you. For people who feel on the outside of the dating pool, this is also for you to dip your feet in. Awesome thing: If you just really like indie songs with a psychedelic twang on top of them, this song is also for you!


Jordan Lovelis’ songs are great to listen to. Not just for the purpose of personal recollection, but for casual listening. I can almost picture the skateboarder touring and writing these songs during. They’re so easy to play whenever, and that’s one of my favorite things about indie music.

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