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Joshua Giant

The passion for music can come at an early age.  It needs to be nurtured and developed through the years if there are any real hopes of achieving a career in the music business.  Luckily the draw of creating music is very strong when it takes hold.  A great example is our recent find Joshua Giant, the Artist.

The New York City based artist creates a style of alternative hip hop that is all his own.  Joshua Giant started writing songs at the age of seven and plays over eight musical instruments.  Much of his early exposure to music was through his father.  He was a well-established musician while Joshua was growing up and the leader of a band named X-Davis. They were featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and did some big tours in the USA and London.  Watching this success from a front row seat gave Joshua Giant both the motivation and game plan to become a staple in the music industry.  A big part of this rising success is Giant’s relatable stage presence and professionalism that has promoters and venue owners constantly re-booking him in addition to his loyal following.



The latest offering by Joshua Giant, the Artist is his The Ocean EP.  It is the fourth full album that he has released so far in his career.  The 9 track record covers personal struggles, such as lost love, grieving the death of his childhood best friend, and trying to find stability.  On the first song “Let It Burn” Joshua shows an elegant style with a melodic piano line pushing the track forward while he raps over it.  There is more energy thrown into “I’m The Bad Guy”.  It is evident that the feelings Joshua expresses here are real and hit close to home.  This relates to the listener.  The full sound of “Calling Cape Cod” is extremely catchy.  The vocals of Amber create another level to the track while the flow of Joshua Giant is relentless.  The album closes with the title track “The Ocean”.  All of the influences can be heard hear as sounds seem to come in from every angle to fill the sonic space.  The rise and fall of the verses vs. the hook keep the listener’s attention transfixed.  
You can keep up with Joshua Giant, the Artist on Twitter: @realjoshuagiant

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