Joss Jaffe Shows Us The ‘Sun Mountain Sea’

Joss Jaffe

Music can be so much more than just sound. There is a power in certain musical creations that can expand minds, body, and soul. Our friend Joss Jaffe is an artist that has found the power to do this and build a grand library of meaningful music.

Growing up in Carpinteria, California, some of the artist’s earliest memories include mantra chanting, listening to vinyl records of the 60’s and 70’s, and experiencing the sounds of the world through travel. With a spiritual mother that has been a yoga teacher since the late 80’s, Joss Jaffe was destined to add value to the world. By the age of 9 he was playing guitar and producing his own songs. The music of India captured his soul and Joss went on to study tala, sarode, and vocal under the luminaires Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri for the next 10 years.

Creating a space of spontaneous joy is the super power of Joss Jaffe. His musical desire is to unite people through spirit, love, joy, community and consciousness. A steady string of albums and singles has done this for quite a while now. His latest album Sun Mountain Sea continues this with a more modern sound that can entertain all lovers of music.

Album opener “Sun To Shine” lays the groundwork for a smooth and entertaining listen. Fellow artist Dave Stringer was brought in on this one to flesh out a fun pop feel. The assortment of sounds fills the space fully. “Energy Field” turns up the party even more with horns and an almost reggae vibe meshed along with the electronic drumbeat. No staying within the genre lines here.

Feel the ‘Energy Field’ of Joss Jaffe

This cross cultural sound grows on “Between the Mountain And The Sea.” The steady drums push the track forward in a straight line as the vocals and horns stir in some exotic flavors. This exotic tone remains on “Want You” but an element of romance is added to turn up the soulful feel. The Joss Jaffe songwriting style covers a lot of areas.

As we reach the fittingly-titled closer “Reminisce” all the sounds and emotions come together for something that seems to warm the soul and leave us in a better and happier place than when we first started the album. The true power of music.

Feel good and keep up with more from Joss Jaffe on his WEBSITE.

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