Merrill Collins Make Music for ‘Every Man, Woman, and Child’

Merrill Collins

For those of us that are attuned to it, music is a gift. We can listen to music and be free of our pains and let our minds flow into peace. This is the power of music. One artist that has harnessed this power with a mission of peace is our recent find Merrill Collins and her Spiraling Music. 

The composer, pianist, producer, and publisher originally hails from New Jersey. It was at the age of four that she decided to dedicate her life to music. Her parents helped her develop naturally with the sounds that came to her. Her studies led her to Ithaca College School of Music and Humboldt State University where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Piano, with a minor in composition. Merrill then completed a Master’s of Music Degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on a full scholarship.

In 1983, Merrill Collins started her independent label Spiraling Music. The goal of the label was to create and share music as part of the essence of life. She is known to collaborate with other talented musicians to expand her musical freedom.

Prepare For Complete Relaxation With Merrill Collins

The latest album released is Every Man, Woman and Child: Yoga Flow Suite. It is a 3 song, 55-minute record of spiritual new age music. Each of the 3 songs has its own unique vibration that aims to add peace to your mind. The sonic soundscape washes over the listener allowing freedom of thoughts as an extension to yoga practice. An assortment of musicians was brought in to fill the speakers with beauty and true elegance. That goal is accomplished in a totally relaxing way. The hour will seemingly pass quickly as your mind is allowed the time to be at a state of meditation.

Take the time out for yourself to enjoy this relaxed headspace and the music suite that enabled it to get there. Find more music by Merrill Collins and Spiraling HERE.

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