Juhan Ongbrian Wakes Us Up With “Grapefruit”

Los Angeles’ own, Juhan Ongbrian has fine-tuned his jazz-fusion style and delivered an impeccable new single titled Grapefruit.” Juhan has cornered a unique place within the world of instrumental music, bringing in influences of jazz, blues, and new-age lo-fi to create something universally his own.

“Grapefruit” is the intriguing follow-up to Juhan’s November EP, Mood Swings. With his truest self in mind, Juhan created “Grapefruit” to mirror his oscillating persona. To further convey his message, Juhan packed this single with organic elements and kept the song light and relaxed.

Jazz and the blues are the predominant genres that shine through in this single. Juhan’s guitar playing steals the show throughout this three and a half minute song, shining brightly over all of “Grapefruit.” The bright and delicate tones create the perfect mood for this hit, leaving you feeling nothing but peace and joy. Honestly, “Grapefruit” is what you wish elevator and hold music was.

If the impressive instrumentation doesn’t immediately catch your attention and the overall tone doesn’t relax you, I will have a hard time believing you’re human. Juhan’s talent has not gone unnoticed either, since “Grapefruit”‘s July 3rd release the song has amassed over 150,000 views on YouTube. That’s an average of over 10,000 views per day!

Juhan Ongbrian is making waves with “Grapefruit” and it’s entirely well deserved. If he continues to finesse his style and create music that can move you without vocals, Juhan will be unstoppable. This is a journey you’re going to want to be following.

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