Julianna Joy Tells Us To ‘Nevermind’

Julianna Joy

Music has been used as a coping mechanism forever. Many of us have used it as a listener to get through pieces of life that didn’t go quite as planned. But others create music to fill the holes in their journey. The power of music works in many ways. Our recent find Julianna Joy has done both and is now ready to share her newest creation with us all.

The music bug caught  Julianna Joy early. She received her first guitar at the age of 9 and quickly taught herself to play and compose songs. Seeing Taylor Swift in her first concert experience cemented the fact that Julianna would focus on music and songwriting for the foreseeable future. 

Julianna Joy Shares Her Heart

December 6th saw the release of the debut single “Nevermind” under the Julianna Joy moniker. With its mellow guitar strum and quick vocal start, we are brought quickly into her world. The track builds with a unique 80’s new wave element coupled with the airy lyric delivery of modern singers such as Lorde and Declan McKenna. There is a message in the song as well but Julianna Joy likes to allow the listener to determine how it speaks to them. 

We had the chance to chat with the rising star and get a little deeper into her story. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what drives Julianna Joy to create music?

My drive to write music is based entirely off of my emotions towards my experiences. Everything I write holds some part of my personality, and I try to be as honest as possible in my writing.

How would you describe your sound?

I describe it as psychedelic 80s pop, though in my opinion, it hardly fits that category. Experts would probably call it alternative pop.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

I grew up listening to Taylor Swift, and I feel as though that’s extremely prevalent in my melodies. I am also heavily influenced by Lorde, Queen, The Japanese House, Declan Mckenna, and St. Vincent.

We understand you are also an author. How do you combine the two writing arts?

The majority of my writing is narrative & romantic, which is why I consider myself an author because I follow so similarly to literary techniques that are used in literature. In regards to the actual process, I treat writing the same, no matter what the medium. If I’m writing a short story, poetry, or a song, I approach it in the most honest way that I can.

What do you hope the listener takes away from a Julianna Joy song?

I want the listener to be able to envision themselves in the position of the songwriter. I want them to be able to interpret it for themselves and apply it to situations involving their lives because the human experience is so dense.

Tell us what the future looks like for Julianna Joy?

Currently, I am living in Chicago, but at the beginning of spring, I will be moving to LA to continue pursuing music. I plan on releasing more music in the following months and starting my next project.

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