Juniper Vale Kicks off 2019 With The Expanse

juniper vale

Juniper Vale is kicking off the New Year with the electro anthem, “The Expanse.” Sarah Jane Wood is the Nashville based musician behind Juniper Vale—“a multimedia project that that combines EDM Banjo music with illustrations to explore the experience of home and belonging.” Together with illustrator Hein Zaayman as well as artist and producer Vian Izak, music, story, and illustration is combined together into a single artistic narrative.

The centrality of “home” remains constant in Juniper Vale’s music.

The whimsical narrative revolves around “the story of a girl named Sarah Jane who rides on the back of a giant turtle named Senelala; the two characters carry their home with them as they explore the world of Juniper Vale, questioning the meaning of true belonging.” The narrative further fleshed out by the traveler logs and audiobooks, Tales Through Juniper Vale.

On the centrality of “home” in the narrative, Izak says, “I think that finding home is a journey undertaken through a lifetime…Every moment of learning new information is a moment where the old must die for the new to take root. And that process of deaths, if they lead to truth, is a daily process of slowly learning what home is…the Through Juniper Vale project has been vital in how it has shaped my life concerning home.”

Juniper Vale’s Whimsical Storytelling Continues With “The Expanse.”

 “The Expanse” is Juniper Vale’s latest project set to release on January 25th. New singles will be released each month adding to their musical narrative. “The Expanse” certainly feels like something part of a bigger narrative—it is catchy, layered, and feels simultaneously spacious and dense. The lyrics urge the listener to “ponder the nonsense we begin to believe when caught up in the constant urge to worry.” The accompanying illustrations and stories only add to the depth of the music and welcome the listener to further anticipate what will come next. Look forward to the Juniper Vale’s 2019 and their upcoming releases on Spotify.  

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