Junk Parlor Releases Eclectic New Track ‘Dance With Me, Bela Lugosi’

junk parlor

Calling all wild hearts and gypsy souls to a tour de bohemienne. Junk Parlor is an eclectic quartet headed by Jason Vanderford.


Junk Parlor’s two previous albums, Wild Tones in 2013 which included several belly dancing anthems that took the community by storm and unleashed a new chapter in Junk Parlor’s career, and 2015’s Melusina, which was overwhelmingly instrumental and wildly popular. Melusina was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.


Junk Parlor played a few hundred shows and collaborated with countless artists only adding to their rare sound.


Of all the adventures, Vanderford says, “What I’m learning through all of these recording and performing experiences is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a jazz musician, singer or dancer, the goal is always telling a great story. I love getting out there and hearing people’s stories and then transforming those into songs that can be interpreted in unique ways by the band, dancers and everyone in the audience that it touches.”


Junk Parlor Creates Unchallenged and Unmatchable ‘Eastern-Euro folk’


Due late August 2018, Junk Parlor is teasing their forthcoming album. “Dance With Me Bela Lugosi” was released August 10 and is the story of Vanderford’s grandmother’s two dances with Bela Lugosi.


Her husband’s Hungarian heritage found her at many dances and lavish parties thrown by several Hungarian families in Oakland and Southern California. The Arkansas native found herself a light featured American girl amongst the the largely dark haired and skinned Hungarian population.


Bela Lugosi took a liking to this blond haired pin up girl and asked her to dance. According to Vanderford, “This story that she told my sisters and I painted such a picture for me I had to write a melody that re-imagined the event. I incorporated a Hungarian-type of riff up front with a transition that lends itself for the vocal to tell the story. The song wrote itself…”

 This track is toe tapping, hip shaking, head nodding gypsy jazz soul food. With classic Hungarian elements and modern folk overtunes, “Dance With Me, Bela Lugosi” blends folk rock and classic jazz seamlessly and in an eccentric manor never experienced before.


Junk Parlor stands a cut above most other musicians. With their eclectic sound and bold instrumental progressions, they are paving the way for other musicians. Blazing their own trail and marching to the beat of their own drum, Junk Parlor a leader is meant to be followed.

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