How to Stay Motivated While Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar

Learning the guitar or any musical instrument, especially when it means taking online guitar lessons can be challenging. This is because the time it takes to become a good guitar player varies considerably. What is easy for one person to pick up may be more difficult and time-consuming for someone else.

There is also considerable repetition involved in learning the basics of guitar, which can be trying for those who want to achieve faster than they can learn. That’s why staying motivated is important when learning how to play. What follows are five tips that will help you keep your motivation strong.


Get Organized

This means that you will need to organize your effort in learning the guitar, so you can set reasonable goals of achievement. You’ll need to set aside time each day for practice, set new goals for learning the basics, such as chord and rhythm training. From there, you can then advance to more advanced skills, such as lead guitar riffs, that you probably find more interesting.


Break Down the Lessons into Small Sections

In other words, do not look at the totality of learning the guitar. Instead, break it down into more manageable sections that you can achieve on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The more the number of small achievements you rack up, the closer the goal will be, the easier it is to stay motivated.


Create Rewards

It may seem basic, but when you achieve a short-term goal, reward yourself. You can use that reward as motivation for achieving an otherwise difficult goal. This may mean going to a concert, getting something new for your guitar, or taking a day off of practice to rest up. Whatever the reward may be, it should be what keeps you motivated in trying to learn the guitar.


Listen to the Music You Want to Learn

It helps to know where you want to be when learning the guitar. If you picture yourself as a famous guitarist, then listen to their work or see them play live either in person or on video to provide motivation. Many famous musicians cite their inspirations as people they listened and learned from when they started out. While you may not become as famous as your hero, you will stay motivated by listening to them as a result.


Connect with Others Learning Guitar

Working with other people, especially those who are using online guitar lessons, is a great way to stay motivated. You can have more fun practicing, learn from each other, and keep each other motivated even when you are down. Just like two people have more success when it comes to getting in shape, losing weight, or learning a new skill, so too will you stay motivated when you find someone else who also wants to learn to play the guitar.


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