Justin Ross Is Coming ‘Right Back Up’

Justin Ross

Justin Ross has delivered many great songs which highlight his songwriting talents. Of them all, “Three Steps Behind”, “Faithful to the Bottle”, and “Echoes of the Angels” stand out the most. However, over the last few years, he has evolved his country-rock sound by adding some soul, blues and much more into his work.ย 

As a result, he is now creating his best work ever. Especially with songs such as “Dance with Me” and “Break My Heart”, showing how far he has come with his music. Maybe this change has been due to touring with acts such as Aaron Lewis, EVERLAST, Bob Schneider, FUEL, and many more. Or perhaps he is more confident with his craft. Whatever the reason, his latest releases are on a whole new level. Of them all, “Into The Dark” stands out the most. Not only does it showcase his vocal talents, buts its soundtrack is stunning. 

Now to the present day, Ross is back with a truckload of new songs. First to arrive is the infectious “Right Back Up”, a personal favourite of his. He describes its story as being about “the girl being the player verse’s the guy. She picks up on guys at the bar, gets them alone, has her way. Takes what she wants and then, makes off with their car on to the next guy. When the guy she had taken before runs back into her, he can’t resist and goes after her again, knowing the trouble she brings”.

As soon as “Right Back Up” begins, his big growly vocals show that Ross means business. He starts things off with the lines “Tell Me Baby / Oh, What Do You Want”. He then slows the pace down a little as his tone delivers more of a soulful/bluesy feel but still maintains an edge to it. This combination has a touch of influence by his heroes Stevie Ray Vaughan and early ZZ Top. 

The song bursts into life as the chorus arrives. The use of the drums and saxophone helps give his lyrics more of an impact. It enhances the urge to sing along to “Well Take Me Down, Down, Down, Down Baby Till I Hit The Ground / Take Me Down, Down, Down, Down Baby Till I Hit The Ground / And Then You Gonna Pick Me Right Back Up Baby / Right Back Up”. As the chorus appears later in the story, it has more of a swagger within his words.

There is no denying the sound he wants to deliver. For some, his music steals the show. However, his vocals and his range are equally as impressive. Not only does his tone offer a great mix of soul, blues and rock, but how he switches the tempo stands out as well. Personally, this talent is at its best with the lines “Well Take Me Down There Low To The Riverside / Holding Onto The Dark / I’ve Been Holding On Too Tight And Now I’m / Watching Your Red Tail Lights / Oh Disappear Over The Hill Baby”. The bluesy quality he gives off is simply captivating. 

‘Right Back Up’ is a glimpse of what Justin Ross has to offer with his upcoming album. It’s gonna sound so good!

“Right Back Up” is one of those tracks that grabs the listeners attention. Along with its infectious hooks, it is not so easily forgotten. The good news is, there is a lot more to come including a new album. Due to the calibre of this release, his upcoming collection of songs is one not to be missed.

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