Once music has a hold of you it will stay inside waiting for its chance to escape.  Sometimes this wait can a long time while another career takes hold.  But even with fame in another field that music is still there patiently waiting for its chance to be at the forefront.  Let us share the story of Bassirima Soro, better known in the music world as K-Bass.


Being born in The Ivory Coast, Africa definitely created some struggles growing up but being part of a loving family that had a deep love of music let K-Bass power through.  His father was a traditional medicine man and singer, while his mother danced and sang as well.  Music was everything in his childhood and that passion held on.  Where Bassirima Soro really made his fame though was as a long distance runner.  After setting records in the 15000 meter and marathon in his home country, Soro went on to move to Arizona in the United States where he went on to win the prestigious Tuscan Marathon 6 times.  Did I mention he did this barefoot?  This gained him huge recognition including a Sports Illustrated article as “The Barefoot Runner”.  But running can not last forever and the love of music was still there.  K-Bass turned back to his love and began performing reggae and zouglou, a form of Ivory Coast dance pop.

After 2 solo albums K-Bass built a full band known as Farafina Musiki.  The popularity of the group has grown and they are set to release a full album this year.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a listen to some of the music.  The style is not something I have heard much of before but the high energy, upbeat music is intoxicating.  K-Bass uses 3 different languages in his songs but the words matter less than the eclectic beats that make your body move.  ‘Daraken Den’ seems to have elements of music from all over the world while still having that straightforward energy to cause spontaneous dancing.  The experience of african pop on ‘Na Awa’ just exudes happiness and a good time to be had by all.  When the band breaks it down to a more traditional reggae beat on ‘Without You’ the music becomes not just an eclectic sound I can’t understand but a true song that could be popular in any scene.  This music should be exposed to everyone.  Get a listen for yourself at: http://www.kbassmusic.com

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