Kendra Lou – Multi Talented Artist With No Barriers

Kendra Lou

Some individuals are gifted with many talents in the arts.  These creative people can have their choice of which segment of the artistic community they want to focus their efforts.  Many times they will bounce between multiple disciplines just going wherever their mind chooses to take them.  Luckily for all of us, Kendra Lou decided to share some of her talents with the music world.

The soulful singer-songwriter originally hails from Copenhagen, Denmark but now calls New York City home.  It has been a long strange trip for Kendra Lou but music has stepped in to save her life over and over again.  She caught the music bug early always singing and dancing as a child.  After high school, Kendra met up with the Danish tenor saxophone player & producer Thomas Hass.  Together the duo released several musical projects onto the club scene in Germany and the UK.  This became motivation as Kendra Lou went on to take lessons in both singing and music theory to aid in her songwriting development.  

This led to another chapter where she got involved in amateur theater and discovered she was skilled in that area as well.  Her passion led her to study at the William Esper Studio in New York City for 2 years.  She returned to Copenhagen to work in music theater to combine the two arts.  They tugged at each other but always pushed Kendra Lou to improve her multiple talents.  

In 2011 she moved back to NYC to find a new side of herself -both privately and professionally. This changed her sound and also the desire in how to express herself.

The result is the release of her latest album Songs Of The Black Moon.  The 11 track record brings it all together with inspiration from Jazz, Soul, Blues, and Alternative Rock.  There is no set genre as she explores whatever it is that will fit the song.  Right from the opening track “Black Moon” the dark soulful vibe is set for the entire record.  The song creeps along with echoing sounds as Kendra’s vocals welcome you to her own private world.  There is an almost experimental sound to “The Coco Tree” as minimalistic sounds start the track but before long a catchy pop vocal comes in to make it a memorable one.  The atmospheric sound of “The Mistress Song” weaves its way into your ears to set your mind into a relaxing state.  The Blues show up on “Shadowlands” both in the bass groove and the lyrical content.  There are emotions bleeding all over the track.  The album closes on an energetic note with “Prayer II”.  Kendra Lou belts this one out hitting all the notes as the guitar builds to an impressive solo and rhythm section grooves along setting up an extremely well written song.  

Dive deep into the world of Kendra Lou with more music and videos HERE.

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