Kenny Fame – Keeps Developing With Best Record Yet

Kenny Fame

Watching the development of an artist will always excite me as a music lover.  Having the opportunity to watch the skills and talent grow over time can be exhilarating.  We have been keeping an eye on Kenny Fame for a few years now and are very happy with his latest work.

If you don’t know by now, Kenny Fame is an alternative R&B and rock musician that is based in the melting pot of music in New York City.  There are no real genre lines for his sound as he explores whatever sounds right at the moment with no fear of repercussion.  Kenny Fame makes it a habit of staying active in the music scene and getting out there to make the connections and friends that he can rely on for support in the future.  

Indie Band Guru is one such connection and friend.  We watched (and helped) as the song “Goodbye” off Kenny’s last EP rose to be runner-up in Song Of The Year Competition for the song and lyrics.

New Kenny Fame Music Is Truly Elegant Yet Raw

Last week Kenny Fame returned again with a new album called Who Am i.  The 8 song record contains some of his best work yet.  The title track opener “Who Am i” has an exotic Jazz feel with elegant guitars.  The vocals are smooth and relaxing as Kenny lets you enter his world.  “Friends” keeps the beautiful melodies going with more sounds that seem to ease the soul.  The music is as deep and thoughtful as the lyrics are.  There is more raw energy on “Summertime” with a touch of experimentation.  The production is more raw here as well creating that down to earth feel that Kenny Fame built through his previous records.  The album will keep you guessing as you enjoy the soft beauty of it.

Take a listen HERE and keep up with what is coming next.

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