Kev Minney releases the next chapter of his musical journey with his album ‘Take Comfort Here’

Kev Minney

Throughout his many singles and albums, Kev Minney has defined himself as a sublime storyteller and guitar player. His albums Stories Of The Sky and Modern Stories showcased his honest songwriting with words that do not hold back. With outstanding songs such as “Dark Stars”, “Just Another Day”, “Good Friends”, and “Magic”, you could hear the influences of Neil Young, Nick Drake and Nick Cave (to name a few) who have helped to shape his music. Not only that but how his exceptional guitar skills highlight how his six-string is like a second voice. It sings in its own way, adding a mesmerising quality to his music. 

Now, Minney is ready to release his third album, Take Comfort Here, most of it written during the pandemic. He says, “I wanted this album to be completely honest with how I feel and how to not overly think or care as much about what I create. I wanted the music to be totally free, musically and lyrically. To be limitless. Everything had to be genuine and written from the heart”. With each album, he has become more confident with his writing, and as a result, creating stories that listeners can’t help but connect with. It’s safe to say Take Comfort Here will continue this trend and deliver another captivating collection of stories. 

Take Comfort Here begins with “Northampton”, a story about his hometown. From his opening lines, he moulds his words to describe his early days. He does so with, “I was born, and I was raised, with my feet on the ground, in my hometown / Had nothing to give, nothing to prove, not much to lose, and that’s alright”. He takes the listener on a journey and uses his lyrics to paint various scenes. But, it also delivers a message perfectly reflected by the lines, “How can we express ourselves, when the struggle in the way / Is anyone listening, when we’ve got something to say”. During it all, it is accompanied by a mesmerising soundtrack, with his guitar and strings standing out the most.

Kev Minney has again, created a captivating collection of stories that deserves your attention. As well as a mesmerising soundtrack that has as much to say as his words.

Following on comes the title track, “Take Comfort Here”, where the soundtrack steals the spotlight. It creates an atmosphere filled with emotion. Next comes the first (of many) must-hear moments from the album “It Doesn’t Bother Me”. An honest story that talks about living with a stutter. As the title confirms, it no longer bothers him. It’s a feeling reflected within the chorus and highlighted further with the lines, “Now I am much older, my head held high, I feel much bolder / Back then I couldn’t really talk, without losing my words, I stuttered, all away”. The lyrics may not be as in-depth as others from the album. However, it’s the way they are shared and the music that supports that give his message more of an impact. 

Minney has always impressed with his guitar skills. “The Seasons” sees this talent at work to stunning effect. It helps to share a tale where each verse is a season. Overall, it reflects the year 2020, during the covid pandemic. Soon as “Don’t Let It” begins, the gentle intro subtly grabs your attention. The combination of the soft vocals and mesmerising soundtrack creates a captivating atmosphere. It is one of those songs that does not stand out for any specific reason. Instead, its overall quality keeps you coming back for more.

While listening to Take Comfort Here, it is difficult not to notice its beautiful free-flowing music. It feels like a foundation that makes this album so strong. It’s thanks to Minney on his guitar and the various other instruments used to add an extra captivating atmosphere. Tracks such as “Freedom” and “Your Mistakes” highlights this winning combination in action. Between those two is another must-hear moment with “Simplicity”. There is a different tone to his vocals. It has a warmer feel that makes you stop and listen. If that does not hold your attention, the finger-picking technique from his guitar will do so. It combines to create another sublime soundtrack that is a joy to listen to.

As the album approaches its finale, “Your Mind is a Maze” delivers something different. It offers an upbeat tempo, with his guitar leading the way. Minney’s vocals may not match the pace, but somehow, these different moods complement each other. Closing out Take Comfort Here is “Everything’s Alright”. As the title suggests, the song has a positive message, as clear from the opening lines, “Never did I have any doubt / I always trusted I’d be ok”. 

As always, the music supporting his words matches the quality of his lyrics. His guitar has a warm tone to reflect the mood. As the song approaches its final moments, there are extra instruments added. It is a fantastic feel-good track to wrap up another must-hear release by Kev Minney. Like all of his albums, it is another collection of stories that is more than worth your listening time.

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