Les Fradkin Revives ‘I Could Make It Last Forever’

I Could Make It Last Forever

Some songs take time to see their final form. This is songwriting. But the mind of a songwriter often switches modes leading to the release of a song at just the right time. This one may have taken a little longer than others but “I Could Make It Last Forever” by our friend Les Fradkin is finally ready for its time.

Even as he gets older, Les Fradkin has enjoyed his resurgence with a string of hits in the last few years. Bringing back old music and his old band California has been pure joy. But the well is still full. 

Now Les Fradkin is releasing a track that has been around, but unreleased for quite some time. “I Could Make It Last Forever” was written 50 years ago by Les and Dianne Ellis for The Left Banke. Some complications arose with the artists and Bell Records and the song was put on the shelf for decades. For the 50th anniversary of the title, les Fradkin is releasing a new version sharing the vocal duties with Loretta Fradkin. 

Innovative Video For ‘I Could Make It Last Forever’

The energy jumps out right from the start with some building synth sound hots and jangly guitar licks. As the vocals come in a smoother vibe creeps in with an air of positivity. The strong chorus is arena-anthem ready. It will enliven the dullest room.  Special Guests from The Left Banke (Mike Brown-Piano, Steve Martin Caro-Guitar & Vocals, Tom Finn-Bass & Vocals, George Cameron-Drums & Vocals, and Harry Lookofsky-Violins) were brought in to honor the original.

A truly entertaining computer animated music video accompanies the release. The story is told not only in the lyrics but within the Sim City like visuals. Les Fradkin may have been in the music game for a LONG time but he is still moving forward and open to expanding with new things.

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