Something that we do not see often enough in the modern independent music world is concept albums.  Too many artists today are just trying to write the next single that can hit mainstream radio without the thought of tying all of their songs together.  We did discover an artist recently that is telling full stories with his music.  Let us introduce you to Kid In The Cloud.

Kid In The Cloud

The British Folk Punk singer-songwriter writes about life and this crazy yet calm world we all live in.  The artist also known as DIds Liddiard is free to share his thoughts and feelings and welcome in many listeners that can find his songs very relatable.  The Kid In The Cloud’s most recent project is the ‘mini concept album’ Tales From A Lonely Town.  The 6 song EP is set for release on the 2nd of November.  It chronicles the thoughts & feelings of a young man; Teddy Boy, and the frustrations he suffers living in small dead end suburban town.  The opener “Daddy’s Cortina” sets the tone for a quirky and experimental record.  The listener feels welcomed deep inside the mind of the artist.  On “Tommy The Holy” the raw guitar struts along lulling you into a relaxed semi-trance.  The enjoyable mellow listening continues on “Lonely Town” while the vocals here stand out to move the story further and bring the realization that life in this place is not all that bad.  Keep a look out for this album and more at:


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