With the large class of artists aiming for the top of the chart with muffled collections, we have encountered an artist who is presenting with the soulful concept album, Chinese Bamboo. This Extended Track (EP) is all about jumping out of the comfort zone unleashing the boundless possibilities. Lets look over the story within the Chinese Bamboo by Madeleine Twyman.


Canadian artist Madeleine is a singer/songwriter/choreographer, her works being widely acclaimed and awarded. She is a member of The Martha Graham Ensemble and is a magical and rebellious performer of the stage. It may sound like a bit of exaggeration for some of our readers but it will not be a mistake to state that Madeleine is catching up with the legacy of Lt. Martha Graham herself whose endeavors are embraced by every artistic genre. The 7 track EP Chinese Bamboo depicts the prodigious surging process of herbs in parallel with the mighty knowledge that the time teach us regarding our own transmutative growth. The album is full of contemporary issues with Madeleine blending them into sexy, cool and sometimes even straight sonic perception. The opener “Mr. Jailer” with its catchy quirks entangle the listener into the deep world where the sound track ignites the ages old discussion of the soul being imprisoned within the human body. The track “Traffic” seems to establish the brand as it influenced the interactive event ‘Moving Traffic’ in India raising more than $5000 for those people who have endured human trafficking. The track is the melodious with its progressive style and flow. Another powerful track of the Chinese Bamboo is “10,000 years”; the track advocates for the nature lamenting the ‘online’ world. The track needs to be loudly lauded and the maturity of the effort of Madeleine can be visualized on this track. “Queen of the Dance”, “Zim-Zsa” , “Transmutation” and “The Dreamer” are the other tracks included on the Chinese Bamboo. Starting from the opener, Chinese Bamboo will take the listener to different sonic realm and challenges to dare to ask the question to oneself regarding the concern portrayed by this promising artist.

Find out more about Madeleine at: www.madeleinesmind.com  

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