Happy Halloween With Kilo House and ‘The Witching Hour’

The Witching Hour

Aside from the Christmas music that many of us have become numb to after hearing the same stale songs for years, there is another holiday season that has been offering solid music. Halloween Season. As great as “Monster Mash” is, it has gotten a little overplayed as well. Our friend Kilo House just released an album to add some excitement and fresh sounds to this time of year. 

The talented producer continues to bring alternate genres to his Trap House sound. Influence comes from all over the map but high energy is the main ingredient. Kilo House is an inspiration in more ways than one. Although limited physically, his musical passion pushed him to find a way to express himself through music. Both his mobility and his passion for creating music have only grown. We covered his last single “The Children” HERE.

Now Kilo House has returned with a new collection of sounds called The Witching Hour. The 6 song record takes us into a dark and somewhat eerie place that is perfect for your Halloween soundtrack. It opens with his take on an ominous classic he calls “XXX Files”. The track sets the tone for a dark journey.

The spook continues with “Demons”. Here we get a seemingly simple melody smashed up within a wild assortment of sounds. Together there is a dark energy that takes over, drawing the listener deeper into the Kilo House.

Some samples bring “R.U.N.” to a start but the full-on assault comes in when the warped sounds pounce. The unique soundplate shows off the true talents of a producer that can morph noise into whatever he feels is fun. The dark horror vibes continue throughout “The Worst Nightmare Of All” and “The Night He Came Home”. Imagination runs wild with the help of altered samples from the deepest corners of your mind.

The Witching Hour closing with bonus track “Mr. Sandman” tries to ease your mind with the classic 60’s song adding a happy tone before Kilo House takes it to a deep bass soundscape. Blurring the lines of what is recognizable and what he has brought to the table has become the Kilo House method of taking over your mind.

As Kilo House is known to say ‘Get Turnt, Stay Turnt.’

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