Kilo House Leads Us To ‘The Children’

Kilo House

Creating your own sound as an artist is most important when you re trying to gain recognition for your music. Have an open mind to all the music you come across. Combining multiple genres into your own unique sound is what gains attention. Our recent find Kilo House is taking that to heart and release solid songs that can appeal to many fans.

This different perspective starts with a background in the deathcore scene and as a well-respected member of the ICON COLLECTIVE. This hard sound acts as the basis for Kilo House music. As he dove into the electro bass world he brought these influences to create something fresh. 

Kilo House claims influence from varied sides of the spectrum, ranging from Blink 182 to $uicideBoy$. The main ingredient though is having fun no matter what the sound evolves into. As he has said “people take life way to seriously, I write the Trap music that I do to hopefully show my fans the fun nature that life truly is. Turn up, and then Stay up.”

The latest release by Kilo House is the strong track “The Children”. The track attacks right from the start with a grinding beat. The vocal samples add in an attention grabbing stop that sets up the next drop perfectly. This is music to get your blood pumping and head bopping. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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