Kim DiVine Lets KLVR GRL remix ‘Broken Bird’ With Huge Success

Kim DiVine Broken Bird

“Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)” by Kim DiVine is a cool reworking of her brooding ballad from her latest release. The track is not rearranged but it is practically revamped into a trip hop oriented hit. Like night and day, it’s brand new again, and the song isn’t exactly old. It comes with a nice sleeve with a flock of birds on the graphic, and it smartly improves on the original, which earns top marks in its own right. Normally this is an acoustic song with a very soft vocal, but Klvr Grl stamps a signature remix on it that brings out another side to it. Exploring that and more about this world class artist is worth the attention she’s been getting.



Kim DiVine has come a long way for an indie singer/songwriter to hit anyone out of left field in 2018, and this single puts its potential range to the test by Klvr Grl’s big sounding remix. “Broken Bird” is still the same song, but the song doesn’t remain all the way the same because it’s brought along nicely by a beat that you’d never think would even go over it so well. But it works in unison with the basic tune and restructures it and the rest is gravy or even a lot more like pudding in the remix.  It’s an over the top redux that you have to hear to believe is the same track.

She’s been around long enough to make a mark, but has had some recent turn of events in her personal life, some good and some not, which only have gone to serve up inspiration to work on this remix and another song “Where I Am You Are” she wrote for her mom who recently passed away. But working hard is nothing new, as she’s performed The National Anthem for the NASCAR, LA Dodgers, NY Knicks, LA Clippers, Chicago Bulls, and Portland Trailblazers. Been featured on KNBC LA News show “Music Raw” with host Mekahlo Medina.

She’s also performed The National Anthem to kick off Red Bull “Flugtag USA” 2010, and placed in the top 5 to open for Gavin Rossdale in the 2009 “Dare to Dream” Benefit among a whole list of other achievements. On this new remix she let the producer do the talking for the most part, and it came out a work of more technical prowess than the song was written for, but it turns it out just right somehow when these two elements usually go together like chalk and cheese. In a nutshell, the remix makes what is slow and hypnotic into a fast track and that is always worth hearing what can sound like.


This new take on “Broken Bird” is mesmerizing

“Broken Bird” was already produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Matthew Mayfield, Dashboard Confessional), so it’s not like it needed any polishing. Make no mistake this is not what you’d expect unless as a fan you can already suspect any given move, but with the average listener in mind, you get the idea. If you already like the song, you just get more out of it with this, but if you can’t picture dancing to it, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised what Klvr Grl has done with something usually left alone. It makes one only say the more remixes of Kim DiVine by Klvr Grl, the better.


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