Kimbra Live @ The Observatory in Santa Ana


“This is a really special night, tonight is our final show.”


Kimbra wrapped up her North American Tour last Thursday night at the Santa Ana Observatory. She rocked her “crystal disco queen moment” wearing head to toe Gucci, dripping in sparkles that mirrored her flashy and experimental repertoire.


The stage was set for three, Kimbra surrounded by all her looping gear, Spencer on bass and keys, and Timon Martin on guitar. This might imply a stripped down and simple set but the show was anything but ordinary, with Kimbra’s fierce artistry electrifying the room with every song.

A lot of new material was played from Kimbra’s album, Primal, which will be released on April 20 of this year.  A new song that stood out was “Past Love”. Kimbra left her usual over the top effects behind for an electric guitar and a mic. “On this tour, I’ve been getting back into guitar” she said as she began the laid back song. “Past Love” was unlike any other song she played that night and is one I am most looking forward to hearing on the album.


Kimbra Pours all Her Energy into Her Live Performance


The majority of the show was high energy, with bright lights and expressive dance moves on the part of Kimbra giving the audience a glimpse into her magical mind. “Sweet Relief” was a crowd favorite as everyone sang along to its electric melody and danced to its contagious beat.


The set was wrapped up on a somber but timely note. Kimbra sang a new song “Real Life” which is about the struggles that come along with real life. “I want to dedicate this to the people in Florida right now” speaking of the school shooting that had occurred the day before. The audience was drawn in close as she sang with pure and raw tone, “there’s nothing to find, nobody got time, there’s no making sense of the real life.”


Review by Meagan Wade

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