Different Playlists for Efficient Lawn Mowing This Spring

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The process of mowing your lawn is definitely an interesting one. At the same time, you get an itchy quality and a smell that induces allergies for some — but it’s still an aroma that is quite satisfying for many people.

And once the weather becomes compatible with chilling in your yard, doing some work while you are there is not the worst thing in the world. In fact, many people use this time to relax and take a step back from constant worrying. Physical labor can be relaxing – like mowing your lawn. For some of us, it’s better than any crafts or travel. The simplicity of a shallow-thinking work can be really awarding especially when you have quality equipment as Forrest Gump had back then (people only 30 will know what I mean).

So we now know that quite a lot of people take pride in having a well-mowed lawn and doing it by themselves. It’s something that runs in the family — if your dad was constantly obsessed about the state of his lawn, chances are you will try to make the neighborhood jealous as well.

Still, mowing a big lawn can get boring if you simply don’t have anyone to keep you company. And even if you do, the noise of the lawnmower makes any conversation moot. That’s why we recommend taking a pair of headphones and putting on the perfect playlist. With that in mind, we will recommend two playlists, and take a look at how music affects people while they work. Let’s dive in!

The Effect of Music

Let’s say that you’re going to do a workout — maybe attend a spin class. Suddenly, you come to your gym and realize that their sound speakers are malfunctioning. Think about it; it’s not unlikely that you’d simply not attend the class that day. Whether we realize it or not, most of us can’t stand working out with no music. Even if people don’t like the music choice found at the gym, they take out their own earbuds and play something they like.

At the same time, the music your instructor chooses will make or break the session. In fact, music that plays in the background of your workout will determine whether you’re going to have a stress-free day afterward or go home with more tension. And it’s not all about having the music you like — it needs to be a dynamic playlist and one that keeps you on your toes. If not, you’ll likely keep looking at your watch and thinking about when it’s all going to be over. 

So, where does this preference for listening to music during exercise come from? And does it extend to other types of physical labor beyond the gym? If you think about it, you’ll realize that the answer is a definite yes. That’s why you should play music while doing any kind of menial chore; whether it’s washing the dishes or mowing your lawn.

Perfect Playlists

If you want the best possible music for mowing your lawn without a care in the world, take a look at the universal Mowing The Lawn playlist on Spotify. Alternatively, if you are in the mood for a more focused Americana suburban playlist, here’s Chuck Westmoreland’s pick for lawn mowing!

How To Mow Your Lawn

Many people don’t realize that mowing your lawn isn’t just the matter of forcing up enough will to go out and complete a chore. If you don’t want your lawn to look messy, you need to apply the right precautions and techniques. Furthermore, you also need to do it proper intervals — otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to mow the lawn again and again and again every few weeks.

First of all, the blades on your mower need to be clean and sharp. If you don’t clear them of grass and dirt debris regularly, it won’t take long for the blades to become dull. And after that happens, the cuts will become awfully jagged. In turn, that creates brown tips that are the perfect breeding ground for weeds and grass diseases. If you notice that your lawn seems a bit too ragged once you’re done mowing, that’s the best sign that the mower blades require some sharpening.

In general, you should perform sharpening at least once a year — so it is not that big of a deal. If you consider yourself capable and handy enough, you can remove the blades and sharpen them yourself. Otherwise, you should search for local professionals who can do it right. And even if you judge that the blades are sharp enough, we still recommend giving them a cursory inspection every couple of mows. Even a slight rinse and brushing will remove a lot of debris and ensure the longevity of your mower and its blades.

Adjust for Your Lawn

You probably know that your mower has specific settings for height. With that in mind, you should adjust the height of the blades depending on your specific regional climate and the type of grass that you are cutting. People have this common misconception that mowing your lawn short will ensure that you don’t have to do it often. However, this will make your lawn riddled with brown patches and weeds. The ideal height is usually a couple of inches of grass on average.

If you’re not sure of your mowing height, measure the distance from the bottom of the deck of your mower to the ground. There may also be mowing guides specific for your locale, so take a look at what the local experts are writing. At the end of the day, you could even contact a local agricultural society for the most concrete advice.


Now that you’ve got your favorite tunes, and you know the basics of maintaining a beautiful lawn — what are you waiting for? Nothing is keeping you from creating a yard that will be the envy of all your neighbors! We hope you found some cool new tunes to make your days better through our little guide here. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we’re going through. Have a good one, guys!

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