Lily Lambert – Success In Non Conforming Pop

Lily Lambert

Many musicians we come across have very interesting and diverse paths to their music career. The one thing that seems to be a characteristic of all of them though is the willingness to work hard and take chances. Putting all your effort into everything you do will gain you the recognition that you deserve. Our recent find Lily Lambert is a testament to putting your all into everything you do.
The story starts in England for the part-Irish, part-Welsh songstress. She always had music in her heart but explored other professions in her youth. Lily Lambert was a hard worker through her teen years and graduated Law School with Honors. She soon realized that was not quite her path just yet and followed her heart to New York City to pursue her dream of music. While keeping up with the hectic pace of the city and performing in a myriad of NY musicals and Off-Broadway productions, Lily Lambert penned her own music backstage, in rehearsals, and in audition waiting rooms.
She does not approach pop music like the mainstream artists but instead adds her own sense of originality with ethereal and celestial sounds. Lily Lambert considers other non-conformists such as Bjork and Enya as influences.
The original music of Lily has gained the recognition of many internationally. Her debut album Life of Lily took home the IMEA award for Folk Album of the Year in 2014 and the followup So Far received the Akademia Award for Best Singer-Songwriter Album, and a Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards.

Now Lily Lambert is back with a new album titled Moving On. The 8 track record has a more folk-pop feel than her previous albums to bookend the trilogy quite well. She says “It’s about closure in one way or another”. The opening track “I Forgive You” sets the tone with a mellow feel full of raw emotion. Lily’s voice is intoxicating as it lulls along with that slight touch of an English accent. The piano melody creates a beautiful backdrop. The song builds up an energy during the last minute as you are drawn into the story she is sharing with you.
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