The What Have Yous Spice Up Indie-Folk

The What Have Yous

One of the goals of any musical project is to create something that is fresh and new to ears of fans.  An artist must be experimental and be willing to combine different sounds in an effort to make something that is all their own.  Our new discovery The What Have Yous has pulled out all the stops to do just that.

The band hailing from New York City consists of the diverse group of Zac Gannett, Ceren Yasaruglu, Diwas Gurung.  Together they bring out an indie folk and rock sound with a surprising touch of classic doo-wop.  This twist has set them apart from the array of NYC bands still trying to change the independent rock scene with the same old sounds.  The male and female vocals take turns as the lead creating another layer to enjoy.   

Fresh Raw Sounds From The What Have Yous


Last month, on July 20th, The What Have Yous released their second album titled Kristy.   The 8 track album is a concept album telling the story of the lead character, Kristy who is dealing with some difficult issues.  We had a listen to the album closer “What If” for a taste of it all.  The track opens with a marching drum beat and raw guitar to build up a relatable base.  The male and female vocals fill the register with multiple notes balancing off of each other with an interesting feel.  There is a warmth throughout that creates that homey feeling that a good record should consist of.  

Have a listen to the full album HERE.

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