Heath – Letting Fate Choose the Path


When we are children we never really know the direction our lives will take us.  The dreams and possibilities of a child are endless.  Reality is not everyone can be president though.  As we grow we must let fate take us on our individual paths to what will work best for us.  The founding of the band Heath was not even a thought through adolescence, but here we are.  

Had you have met Peter Hewison growing up you wouldn’t have imagined he’d become a musician. And you certainly wouldn’t have guessed he’d go on to mastermind the alternative pop-rock band Heath.  Peter only got into music because a mate at school bought a guitar.  So he had to get one too.  Fast forward through eight years of music lessons and he became quite proficient with the instrument.  Along the way, he picked up a wide range of influences from Motown to classical to Latin Jazz to pop.  All of these got poured into a big mixing pot and the band Heath was born.  Thier music is full of rich melodies, soaring atmospheric sound and swooning vocals.

Hear the latest “Old Town” by Heath here:


After the success of their first track “Back Up Now” and its 20,000 video plays the band got back to work.  Last month Heath released their second single titled “Old Town”.  There is huge arena filling sound comparable to bands like Coldplay and The Verve.  Real emotions can be heard in the sweeping vocals that draw in the listener to come into the story and join the community.  

Heath promises more songs that relate to basic human emotions – strength, love, romance, camaraderie and loss – told with candour and honesty.  We will be looking forward to it.

Keep up with more from Heath at:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/weareheath/

SC: https://soundcloud.com/heathbanduk

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