Feel the ‘Poison’ in Your LIMBS with Explosive New Single


LIMBS, the newest hardcore act on Equal Vision’s roster, brings some incredible noise with their new single “POISON”.

The band, comprised of Chris Costanza (vocals), Daniel Nelson (drums), Joshua Kowalski (bass), Jordan Hunter (guitar), and Tyler Martin (guitar), is more than just your typical “yell-some-words-into-a-mic-for-an-epic-headbang” band. While there’s nothing wrong with those bands — in fact I often feel the world could use a bit more — “POISON” blasts through the gates of hardcore and melody, ensuring LIMBS has a place in the scene.

LIMBS Carefully Craft Hardcore Melodies

The lead/debut single has many elements about it. The impeccable riffs over the vocals impact and melt your face. Right before the last chorus, the instrumentals get quiet; simple, all to hit even harder as the song nears its end. Similar to other bands of their genre, LIMBS provides a chance for listeners to get lost in the hard drums and guitar chords as they pulse throughout the entire song.

The music video consists of the band rockin out to their own beats while Costanza runs through a forest with a flashlight in slow motion. Beautifully edited, the video’s simple undertones and Costanza’s blank stare as he mouths the words blatantly deliver the lyrics in a way that’s not to be missed.

From touring endlessly with Saosin to playing South by So What?, to touring again with Envy on the Coast, and again with Hail to the Sun, there’s no notion of slowing down soon for this power quintet. LIMBS is embarking on tour again soon, so catch a show so you can jam to the their six song release, “SLEEP”.

Fans of Say Anything, Sleep On It, and Set It Off will quickly fall for LIMBS, whether its for the quality of the production or the execution of the music. The elements that make hardcore great are blatantly apparent in the band, having a perfect recipe to their sound.