NBL Entertainment Is Here To Shrink The World

NBL Entertainment

The world of independent music keeps getting smaller and smaller. There are fewer barriers and borders. Artists can now collaborate with other artists from around the world solely with the use of the internet. This has helped create amazing sounds such as those being put out by our recent discovery NBL Entertainment.

The new label operates out of South Africa where Malik Gita is based. His partner in sound at NBL Entertainment is Magikel, an American rapper based in Dubai. This worldly collaboration is taking on big plans to aim at success in the crowded music industry. The NBL describes them both perfectly as it stands for ‘Natural Born Leaders’.

NBL Entertainment Crosses Borders and Genres

With their diverse backgrounds and experience, they are able to create a unique sound from a variety of influences. In each track, you can hear such genres as hip-hop, afrobeats, trap and more. The members of NBL Entertainment have put their time in the rap game and built fan bases throughout the USA, Jamaica, Japan, and South Africa. The world is their oyster.



The group recently started dropping singles in anticipation of a full-length album coming soon. On “Way Alright”, NBL Entertainment brings in the added talents of Sojay and Baby G. The production is top notch as well with the help of Grammy Award-winning producer DJ Nibblez.

The laid-back slow groove creeps deep into your soul here as the bass hits you deep in your gut. The flows by each featured artist grab the listener as well. The hook will be in your mind well after the 5-minute track comes to a close.

If this is a taste of what we have to look forward to by NBL Entertainment they are on track for total world domination.

You can Buy or Stream the song @ http://smarturl.it/Wayalright

Dive deeper into NBL Ent and the artist on their websites and social media accounts here:






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