MkX Definitely Has ‘The Look’


MkX is really an amazing artist. Who would believe that there is still so much (inspiration, emotion and message) left of pop music – after so many years of exploration and yet still comes another good hit – ‘The Look’.


The pop music in the recent days has started to lose the spice and test it is known for because of so many imitation and repetition practiced by most pop singers. We all know the joy associated with pop music and we also look forward to experiencing that same joy anytime we listen to a pop music but because most pop music was not properly written and was also badly presented, we hardly get this experience. When I came across this fascinating track – ‘The Look’, I realized that what was lost in pop music has resurfaced again in this song ‘The Look’ by MkX.


“The Look” is not just any pop music. It has with it a clear harmony of sensation and style. The beat and the lyric are perfectly put in place to bring about a wonderful outcome ie a masterpiece. The song typically is sending it’s message to every individual who has been looking for a way or means to express his or herself. It makes you understand that your personality and style are solely yours and you determine how you choose to express it. Building up confidence has been a major challenge to so many people today particularly “young adults” that feeling of “insecurity” or not appreciated when “yourself” has been expressed as a challenge that we must overcome and this is what the song “The Look” is helping us to understand. Your look, your style and desire – let it show. Give the world your look, hide from nothing and you will shine.


Not only that MKX is an amazing artist but he is a great performer, with good looks to go with it. He has the charisma and the strength to hold the stage and keeps everyone captivated and in suspense of what he is going to do next. His video on Youtube ‘Live at Boston’ prove this. It is truly showing his creativity, his strength and style. I have been opportune to listen to only three of his songs, and in all honestly they are simply fascinating and breathtaking. Although MkX is not yet known all around the globe he is a great songwriter and an amazing performer with great ideas and new introductions to the world of pop music. He prefers to express his feelings and emotions in his songs and always is very careful not to mention names to avoid sentiments. But yet his songs are very well crafted that you can personalize it to suit your own situation. MkX is a good artist that is yet to unleash what he holds in stock for the world of pop music and so we can’t wait but hope for more good songs from him and of course more great performances.


His song “THE LOOK” is an EPIC classic and you have to listen to it for you to understand why we say “that it is not just any pop music”.


-Robin Wells

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