Linda Marie Fischer Debuts Album, “Arc of Love”

linda marie fischer

Love is an interesting thing. In a sense, love can be likened to alcohol on a wound—it can sting painfully but is ultimately healing. Leo Buscaglia, who I am currently reading, wrote a series of lectures on it. I, as a graduate student/nerd, wrote a research paper about it. Whether they realize it or not, love is something that everyone has experienced and felt in one way or another—at the very least, but perhaps most importantly, in the form of loving yourself (I hear you BTS #loveyourself).


Linda Marie Fischer’s debut album, Arc of Love, is all about love.


It feels like a trip down memory lane in the best way possible. With the album, Fischer aims to take the listener on a musical journey through the stages of love saying that, “Arc of Love captures loving moments from a life well-lived in all of its complexity. I sing about the thrill at the start of new love, the longing, the struggles, and finally the mutual respect, and commitment. This was my arc of love. But it’s more than just my voice—it tells the story of many who have traveled the long path of love with their own unexpected twists and turns. We fellow travelers know stepping into love is not for the faint-hearted. I hope my songs speak to that great audience.”


Arc of Love Takes You Through the Arc of Love


Fischer goes on to say, “The songs range from tranquil and smooth to energetic rhythms. The music was influenced by pop, R&B, blues, and jazz. It was created for you to reflect on love gained, love lost, and to dance away the melancholy of time gone by.”


Through combining elements of easy-listening pop, R&B, blues, and jazz, Fischer succeeds in doing what she set out to accomplish.


Get ahold of the album and have a preview here:


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