Bryan Eggers Makes us All ‘Happy People’

Bryan Eggers

A musician must accept influences at every turn. A good one will usually experiment in different styles before finding thier own true voice. Our recent discovery Bryan Eggers has taken in all that was in front of him and traveled down interesting roads to come upon the amazing artists that he now is.


The American singer-songwriter and guitarist is now based in Nashville, Tennessee where he uses his soulful voice to create a sound that is warm and relatable. Growing up in Charlevoix, Michigan, Bryan Eggers was blessed to have two musical parents that were part of the worship band at his local church. Their influence pushed Bryan to pursue music from an early age. He took banjo and guitar lessons from Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Judy Slocum to increase his learning curve.


In his teens, Bryan Eggers turned to the heavy metal music scene and formed a band with a group of friends. This gave him quite the varied group of skills with his instrument and voice. Later Bryan joined Northern Michigan bluegrass band Horton Creek. Recording three albums with them rekindled his love for bluegrass and old-time gospel music. This led to the diverse blend of genres and styles that became the Bryan Eggers sound.


On August 25th, 2018, Bryan Eggers released his second full-length solo album Happy People. The 10 track record was recorded at his home studio and at County Q Studio in Nashville. It was produced and mixed by Josh Marr.


Right from the opener “Where Are You Love?”, you know you are in for something quite beautiful. The vocals of Bryan Eggers have a certain soothing energy that can ease even a worried mind. We get a more energetic track in “January June” as Bryan uses some elements from Bluegrass and Country music. The guitar here is phenomenal as he strums and picks at it relentlessly.



As for pure beauty, “City Night Lullaby” really stands out. Eggers time in Berklee College of Music’s online songwriting degree program surely paid off. Without overproducing, each piece of the mix is allowed its own space. The smooth vocal delivery is another highlight.


Another direction is taken with “On Again Off Again Waltz”. Guest vocalist Kaley Yonge is brought in to add a duet that touches hearts. The ability of Eggers to blend genres to create fresh sounds is here again. The slower tempo lets the listener really dive into the story. “Don’t Think Twice” is another pretty journey with the focus on the heartfelt vocals leading us through the tale. Eggers has quite a way with words.


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