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Becky Buller Band – Crepe Paper Heart

Crepe Paper Heart, the second album from virtuoso Becky Buller, carries on where her first recording for Dark Shadow Recording left off. ‘Tween Earth and Sky’ garnered Buller considerable praise and acclaim for a musician who’s played with the cream of the crop in bluegrass and country music and has struck out on her own

FOLKENPHUNK Brings A Fresh Sound To Bluegrass

Folkenphunk is an acoustic trio that stands the idea of a traditional bluegrass approach on its ear by incorporating funk, folk, rock, and psychedelic influences into its mix. First formed by upright bassist/guitarist/vocalist David Brumberg and guitarist/vocalist Lowell Neumann Nickey in 2016, the lineup completed itself with Edwin Lightner coming on board to add mandolin

The Good Morning Nags Put In The Work

To become good at anything takes a lot of practice. That statement is true in everything but is truly evident in music. For a band, it takes time working together to achieve that cohesiveness needed to create great music. Finding opportunities to perform is essential. The hardest working bands will do what it takes to