røckbøttømanønymøus take NuMetal To New Heights


The ability to hear so many different genres and styles of music has taken the industry to amazing heights. Now we are experiencing the innovative artists that are able to take from multiple styles and concoct their own new blend. The future of music is projects such as røckbøttømanønymøus that do this in such a way to create something truly unique.


The pair of talented musicians, Rian Prefi and Anthony Caggiano have joined forces to bring us røckbøttømanønymøus. Prefi, a rapper/drummer brings a large background in both hip-hop and hard rock to the table while good friend, Caggiano (Cagg), a drummer/guitarist provides a metal and hard rock edge to the group. In their words, “We basically want to make the music we want to hear.”



The latest single from røckbøttømanønymøus is the powerful “Jesus Crisis”. The opening speech sample quickly turns into an all-out war on your senses. No space in the mix is wasted as industrial sounds come at you from all angles. The aggression shows the passion of the duo as the speed makes the blood of the listener pump a little faster. They have your attention and refuse to let go until the 2 and a half minute song comes to a conclusion.


We caught up with Prefi and Cagg to try to get a look inside their world and see how røckbøttømanønymøus came together and where they go from here. Enjoy the interview:


First off, tell us about the name røckbøttømanønymøus?

Rock bottom anonymous started off as part of a rhyme I (PREFI) used on a track back in 2014. Ever since I came up with the phrase I’ve used it as a brand for my music. It represents the underdog. The down and out nobody getting up off his ass and releasing his built up, nervous and frustrated energy.


How would you describe the unique sound of the project?

Anthony and I first linked up due to our incredibly similar tastes in music and most noticeably, the NüMetal genre. The fusion of rap and metal. Overlooked by many, some will even say GLADLY overlooked, the genre itself had a cult following. Like those artists you just couldn’t seem to see the big deal behind, yet had a diehard fanbase. That exact same scenario but to a whole genre. NüMetal has dedicated fans. With that being said, we do branch off into other styles of rock but overall have a unique blueprint we work with.


Which artists and bands have had the biggest influence on the group?

SLIPKNOT and KORN first and foremost. Linkin Park most definitely. Mudvayne’s first album LD50. This question is always hard because there are just so many other genres that brought us here. So many different artists. Each one has a message.


How have your different backgrounds helped you create a new sound?

I (PREFI) have yearned to create the type of music rockbottom is creating. 99% of my music career is rap because I was a loner. Just me and my thoughts. I had no idea i’d have the chance to meet a multi-instrumentalist like Cagg (Anthony).


What do you hope a listener will take away from a song by røckbøttømanønymøus?

If its a listener that’s into the genre I just want them to like it. If its a random listener that isn’t expecting (or likes) a man screaming in their ears, id hope they’d take the message of not being afraid to express yourself. We’re all the same.


What advice would you give to other musicians creating something different?

Go with your gut. That’s it.


What are the future plans for røckbøttømanønymøus?

We just want to keep creating music we want to listen to and hope y’all enjoy it too. An EP and an LP will be coming out in the future but as of right now, we’re still in the “song a day stage” where we blurt out all types of song demos with directions we want to lead towards. The 2 tracks out now are a nice taste of where we want to go with this.

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