The Survival Code

There have been many incarnations of the band The Survival Code which have seen it grow from a 2 to 3 to 4 piece outfit. Throughout all these changes, its original creator Gary McGuinness has remained a constant member. His passion for creating riff rocking music filled with huge melodies has kept him driven.


The Survival Code returns with McGuinness (vocals/guitar/bass) and Tom Cook (drums/vocals). Their new goal is to create a sound that they can replicate when performing live. Will this ideal be found on their new album Hopelessness of People?


The first thing you can’t help notice while listening to this new release is how big it sounds. They have channeled influences such as Queens of the Stone Age and The Foo Fighters with a few moments of Bush (in their early days) to help mold their music. These guys want to rock

A great example of this big sound is the track “Crawl.” The intro starts with some great guitar work to grab the listeners’ attention. Then it adds an infectious drumbeat with McGuiness on vocals. This combination interweaves to create this thunderous energy. Like the lyrics say, “When it works, it’s the best” and this one certainly does.



The Survival Code is back with their best music to date


“This Time Around” showcases how good these guys bounce off each other. It features a great instrumental section which makes this song stand out. You can picture them facing each other while dueling with their instruments.


This album has more to offer than just the noise. There are many songs in which the vocal presence of McGuiness shines. “Along the Way” is one of those songs as it’s used to help create a radio-friendly rock track that ticks all the right boxes.


Of all the songs on offer, “Take It As It Is” stands the tallest. Its infectious energy is difficult to resist, thanks to the relentless drums and killer riffs. If that is not enough, then McGuinness’s vocals along with the chorus will hook you in. This is The Survival Code at their best.


The Hopelessness of People is by far the best work that The Survival Code has produced. There is a confidence that oozes throughout each song. It shows that they know what they want to create and executed the plan to perfection. If you are a fan of great rock music, then this is a no-brainer. You need this album!


The Survival Code has no plans to slow down as they are already working on new music. There are rumours that there could be a new EP for us for in the summer of 2019. This new chapter from the band has only just begun.

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