Find Inspiration with D.R.O.P.S From Lord Milán L’Oiseau

Lord Milán L'Oiseau

There are times when we need to step outside of our focus on our music lives. If we keep our eyes fixed on one thing we will miss all the other exciting things happening outside of it. Personally, I deal with so many people within the music industry for the majority of my day that I make it a point to interact with other motivated people outside of the music business. We all share similar mindsets even if the goals seem different on the surface.

Recently I was introduced to an amazing and inspirational person by the name of Lord Milán L’Oiseau. Born in Virginia, he was a high school football and track star until a tragic accident off a boat dock at the age of 17 left him paralyzed below the collarbone. Instead of sulking in depression Milán became closer to God and began his journey towards recovery. 

By age 20 he had a fashion degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida. Soon after he went to work for Harper’s Bazaar and began traveling the world. Now at age 36, Milán is a father of three, owner of a fashion label (Doña Design House) and a motivational author. He is also on his way to walking independently. Nothing can hold a good man down.

Another project from Lord Milán L’Oiseau that really connects and inspires is his book D.R.O.P.S.: Daily Real Optimistic Power Statements. It is a collection of powerful thoughts that will inspire you daily. D.R.O.P.S. helps pave the way for the life that was designed for you.

I pulled out a few Power Statements that could relate to all of us, in particular, the hard-working artist reaching for success doing something they love.

“If you can’t see yourself as that thing, then don’t even bother.”

“Nothing that gets you closer to your goal is a sacrifice”

“Unless you follow up your thoughts with hard work, wishing won’t help anything. Wishes are free. Success is not.”

“There are people available to you that can ensure your success. It’s up to you to access them.”

“Failures can serve as steps toward success as long as your eyes stay fixed on the ultimate goal.”

There are so many more great quotes that act as motivation to get your ass in gear and do what needs to be done to reach your goal. Lord Milán L’Oiseau is a force that genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. 

Check out the book for yourself and get empowered HERE.

Also, take a look at his female empowerment clothing brand

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