Low Duo — Lo-Fi Pair, Big Impact

Low Duo

We want to take you back to the beginning of music. Before multiple layers, multiple players, and musical editing held the beat. Enter Low Duo.

1+1 = Low Duo

Low Duo is two brothers from England, Adam and Leigh Greenwood, who write songs with only two elements: one voice and one instrument. This minimal style really takes the focus and puts it on those two layers and only these two layers.

Their new EP, The EP of Everything and Nothing, with five new tracks of their signature duo sound, is out now. Their sixth, this EP exemplifies the darker side of folk that is the Greenwoods trade, but they believe their music is representative: “Whatever people think of our music, it is a true reflection of us.”

The EP of Everything and Nothing is about the slow inevitable ending of a relationship, according to older brother Leigh. “You can see it coming, you know it’s gonna hurt but there’s nothing you can do about it,” he said.

This type of music isn’t for everyone, but their journey of family is real.

The brothers believe their music is the marriage of their talent and experience of each of their talents: “Now we instinctively latch on to the other’s melodies and rhythms, picking up on feelings and drawing out the natural emotions of the song. And we can be honest with each other in the way that only family can.”

The music and the musicians are deep, honest, and reflective.

Heartbreak and Painful Realizations

You have either been in, or known someone who is/was in, a relationship like the one Low Duo writes about. “I lost a Friend” is the start of that sad journey.

Broken emotions and the realization of what is coming next. It really sets the dark twilight tone of the folk album. The use of the guitar changes but keeps the one-instrument momentum against the rise and fall of the vocals.

The vocals in “Walking in Circles” are more ethereal than in the other tracks and bring geometric concepts to life through creative writing. You can truly hear the type of honesty only a family member could show.

This track is one of my favorites on the album — despite a lighter sound, it is still the voice of a broken heart admitting wrong and recognizing the wrong in their significant other. A true realization folk piece.

Low Duo has received praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music, The Guardian, and Drowned In Sound. They also have music stored in the British Library Sound Archives and worked on music for two SuicideGirls films.

Low Duo will have upcoming tour dates announced soon and you can download and listen to the rest of The EP of Everything and Nothing  here.



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