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There are musicians out there that seem to have a never-ending supply of song ideas and melodies bouncing around their minds.  The ability to transfer these works to the recorded medium is another skill that is quite rare.  We only recently discovered illrecur, who has been doing it for quite some time.  

The illrecur music project was founded back in 1997 as the brainchild of Jeremy Allen Pursell.  The  American artist, designer, songwriter, composer and music producer  was born in Joliet, Illinois, just southwest of Chicago, in November of 1976.  Art was a part of his life from the earliest parts of his childhood.  Jeremy Pursell began drawing using pencils and inks around the age of five. Later he took to paints and digital mediums. Having been introduced to guitars and large synths at the age of seven, he began writing his own music around age eleven. At thirteen, he joined his first group as a rhythm guitarist and co-songwriter.

During his mid-teens he moved eastward to live in Morgantown, West Virginia where he played guitars, keyboards, and sang in various bands.  Jeremy performed rock, metal, blues, and industrial through this wide array of bands.  

In the mid 90’s Jeremy developed a serious passion for electronic, film, and world music. From ’94 to ’97, he spent most of his time learning and tinkering with soundscapes; creating and modifying instruments and FX machines.  After that span, there was significantly less time for full bands and his solo illrecur project was officially born.  As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Pursell is the only official member of illrecur and remains entirely responsible for its interesting course.

Prepare For a Journey Guided By illrecur

This year started with a bang for illrecur as the project released 13 full-length album.  The most recent one, Infraction Point, truly stands out.  The 27 track record paints a full picture of the journey that he takes you on.  From the opening buildup of “Significant Contact”, you realize that full visuals can be conceived in your mind with just the sounds entering your ears.  On “Entanglements” there is a wide variety of sounds coming together to form one cohesive unit that seems to make the heart beat faster.  This shows the immense talents of a practiced producer.  Although most songs come in around only 2 minutes long, that is plenty of time to create the emotion inside that illrecur was searching for.  There is music here perfect for a movie soundtrack from the elegant slow energy of “Requisitions” to the eerie vibe of “Kinesthesia” to the mystery of “Undisclosed”.  

Do your ears and mind a favor and take it all in at once.  Enjoy a fully immersive experience through your headphones HERE.

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