Lucas Nord Drops Summer Anthem, Video

Lucas Nord

As the weather starts to get warmer and the sun begins to show its face more often, the time to find this year’s summer hits quickly approaches. Radio stations and streaming services alike are filled with the sound waves of electro-pop, spreading feel-good beats and catchy choruses to a sun-kissed crowd awaiting its next beach day.

With the release of the music video for his new single, “Don’t Need Your Love,” Swedish artist Lucas Nord has set the bar high for summer playlist candidates worldwide. Coming off of his latest EP, Company, Nord’s track combines an array of rhythm and bass sounds with an intoxicating dance club beat that is hard to get out of your head.

Lucas Nord Releases Summer-Ready Heartbreak Anthem

Soft piano synths blend into a hard snare as the song begins, drawing the audience in with an air of simplicity that is executed in a crisp, precise manner. Each layer of the song is able to stand out on its own: the bassline, the sharp snare, the added synth notes. Yet, all of the elements of the track work well together as one homogeneous flow of sounds.

Lucas Nord’s vocals act as another instrument, carrying along the rhythm. As the track builds, the chorus erupts with even more synth notes, enriching the layers of the song while maintaining the same mellow beat.

While the song itself retains a retro dance-club beat that is easy to move to, the lyrical content reveals a feeling of disappointment and defeat over a breakup. Lyrics like “Truthfully, I thought we were way past that / ‘Cause usually, time heals every gap that’s killing me / I can’t look at you right now, no no” hide behind a smooth electro-pop instrumental.

The video, however, does capture the feel of his melancholic lyrics. With dark settings and shots in black and white, Lucas Nord is able to express emotions not necessarily with a direct storyline, but with an ambiguous set of images.

“When I was coming up with the concept for the music video I wanted to have visuals that gave the track a darker vibe without using a standard story line,” says Nord. “I wanted to showcase myself as a performer while supporting my lyrics with strong visuals that really complemented ‘Don’t Need Your Love’s’ message.”

Already having a summer hit with 2013’s “Run On Love,” Lucas Nord’s latest musical attempt is on its way to the top summer charts. “Don’t Need Your Love” is a perfect blend of catchy and simple, turning Nord’s brooding heart into an incredibly well-made electro-pop track.

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