Hibou Strips “In the Sun” Video Down to Basics


By Daria Stachowiak of Indie Band Guru

When beginning to make a name for themselves, many bands make the cardinal mistake of attempting to hide behind too many intricacies in their art, taking unneccessary steps to attempt to live up to the image they believe they have to give off instead of letting their music speak for itself.

Seattle-based group Hibou recognizes this as they accompany the release of their tour dates with a stripped-down music video for one of their slower songs off of their self-titled debut album.

Hibou Bares All

“In the Sun,” as opposed to the dreamy pop that makes up the majority of Hibou, provides us with a candid introduction to the eager musicians. In fact, the music video is reduced to very simple elements, bypassing color and props, focusing instead on the instruments, the musicians and, of course, the song and it’s lyrics.

Oftentimes, it is the initial music video of a rising band that captures the attention of the public, and Hibou allows their performance of “In the Sun” to shine through.

Although, arguably, there wasn’t much to watch on the screen, I found myself rewinding the video, just to catch the parts of the song itself that I missed. The intimate performance, which takes place inside of a homemade fort, evokes a sense of youthful nostalgia.

The song itself strikes one as a tribute to adolescence, to their home, and to their dreams as they begin to take on greater musical journeys in their careers.

After putting out such whimsical and funky pop songs such as “Dissolve” and “When the Season Ends,” also off of their self-titled album, the raw, acoustic “In the Sun” provides a much-needed mellowness to balance out their debut.

Fittingly, the band is about to embark on their first headlining tour throughout the Pacific Northwest, their home turf, travelling south and hitting multiple stops in California as well. Perhaps the Seattle musicians are trying to prove that during their first true showcase, they won’t abandon their roots and the basis upon which their band was formed.

We can look forward to hearing more from Hibou in the near future. Minus the fort, I expect.

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