Marching Onto the Scene With Madness

Bad ass energy mixed with notes of care free, nostalgic 90s vibes make up the debut EP from Jenny March titled Madness. Inspired by her own madness, March takes listeners on a journey through her experiences and how she came to be the unapologetic, confident young artist she is today. 

The six track EP leads in with the track “All In” with its soulful pop melodic beats matched with March’s alluring pop vocals that catches listeners from the get go. These pop beats and vocals continue on strong throughout the EP, matched with occasional stylistic changes that show March’s versatility as a pop artist.

Listen to Madness below

March’s versatility is shown right off the bat when “All In” leads into “Scream”, where she uses the powerful, honeyed part of her voice to portray the emotion and intense feelings that are powered through her lyrics. It serves as a wonderful contrast and sells listeners on all of what March has to offer. 

Track after track, listeners connect with March in ways they don’t typically connect with artists. Between shared experiences and brutal honesty, she brings a relatability factor to the stage, making the tracks alluring in every possible way. 

March has a distinctive, personal writing style that shines through in each track, making listeners feel as if they are having a conversation with March, rather than just listening to her voice. This breakthrough style makes the whole experience more intimate and notable to listeners as most artists today haven’t yet explored this kind of writing. 

The six track EP, Madness was released on March 19th and is available on all streaming platforms and believe me, you’re gonna want to start following this rising star now. 

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