Major Spark Lights A Fire With ‘Beautiful Noise’

Major Spark

The explosion of Alternative Rock music in the 1990s created a huge shift in the music industry. No longer did we need overproduced giant acts to fill the mainstream music radio stations. This shift created a slew of new musicians that dove deep into the amazing new genres being created. This music is still alive today and experiencing a renaissance with bands like our newly discovered Major Spark.

The new Boston-based band was founded by Mark Goodman, leader of ‘90s indie/alt rock band Magnet. Mark has a history of writing great songs and then bringing in a cast of phenomenal musicians to flesh out the sound. This worked wonders with a list of great songs.

Now he is at it again as he collaborates with producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Charles (Dispatch, Los Straightjackets, Tanya Donnelley) to refresh the sound in the form of Major Spark. Together they bring back the best of multiple energy fueled genres for something that is just as catchy as those 1990s tracks with some flair.

For the Major Spark debut we have the full-length album Beautiful Noise. The 11 track record opens with an energetic call to action on “I’m Not Gonna Stand Around.” The fast paced beat pairs a back and forth chorus that is undeniably catchy. Good luck not singing along by the end of the song. Some strong alt-rock guitar is provided here as well.

Listen to the ‘Beautiful Noise‘ of Major Spark

The title track “Beautiful Noise” keeps it going with some electro sound added in for good measure. There is a darker vibe here but the hypnotic bass and haunting vocal addition by Miranda Guiffrida will put you in sonic trance. Goodman says, “That song tries to capture the feeling of seeing a woman on stage putting on a commanding performance and getting caught up in that beautiful noise.” 

Some more pulsating production is heard on “Rolling Waves.” Brian Charles blends sounds from multiple genres to create something we can all enjoy. A twangy guitar draws the listener in close to hear what is happening here. On “Take The Record Down” we go a little darker on the verses with a deep bass sound before turning to a joyful sound on the chorus. A trick that was mastered in the alt-rock 1990s. You leave the track with a smile on your face. 

The big drums and almost rockabilly guitar of “Walk Away” shows some more depth of the Major Spark sound. Sounds are meshed in from multiple angles and genres to craft a new sound even better than the sum of its parts. The album closes on a perfect note with “Deal With It.” The band is here to move you forward without any past regrets or future worries. Miranda returns here to flesh out even more inclusions of sound. An epic guitar solo grabs attention here too. Your speakers will be full…. and happy.

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